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Tyca’s Gabriel


We retired from Kansas education 7 years ago and petted out our labradors when moving here. Jim accepted a high school principal position here in Powell, WY. I stayed retired to travel to visit our children and their families throughout a year.

We decided to breed our one female we had bought 5 years ago from Ridgeview Kennels to a European Lab with Sandyland lines. We kept 2 girls, Gabby and Polly. They both are so competitive learning to retrieve and obedience skills. They both have the typical sensitive personality that one gets breeding with Euro lines. One girl is more independent and one needs to be in your lap. And both girls are awesome in the field when working with Jim.

Jim is planning to take one of the girls to Kansas City, KS during Thanksgiving to hunt. Which one, is still up in the air. Both girls are developing into awesome dogs for pets as well for retrievers. Yes, we decided to keep both girls. I think our granddaughters would be heartbroken if one of the girls was not here to greet them.

It will be interesting to show them in confirmation classes and obedience classes. In a couple of years, we will breed one of the girls to the same type of quality male as their dad.